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Locations in Glendora, Duarte, and West Covina

Locations in Glendora, Duarte, and West Covina

Azusa CA Opthamologist Performs CK Surgery and Lasik

Have you finally had enough of losing contacts on a sandy beach or a pair that rub your eyeballs raw? Or glasses that keep falling off your nose or fogging up while snowboarding down a steep hill at Lake Tahoe? Maybe it's time for you to give strong consideration to having a CK or Lasik eye surgery procedure, all the while remembering that you only have two eyes so care is important. Ergo, this is not the time for an opthamologist just out of medical school and dipping his or her toe in the deep end of the surgery pool. Your consideration should be directed toward an Azusa CA Opthamologist with years of experience to perform the eye procedure. No first time "rodeo" candidates please!

Azusa CA Opthamologists are well-versed in CK surgery as well as lasik. The initials CK, when referring to eye surgery, means Conductive Keratoplasty. It's a non-invasive eye surgery that often rewards patients of Azusa CA Opthamologist who suffer from farsightedness to experience, perhaps for the first time ever, better vision. If you're wondering if you might be a viable candidate for a CK procedure by a Azusa CA Opthamologist, here is a quick primer if you're over age 40:
* Have you always had good distance vision?
* Are you tired of wearing reading glasses?
* Do you have any health issues affecting your eyes?
* Are you pregnant or nursing?
These are questions that your Azusa CA Opthamologist needs to know so why not make an appointment and discuss the matter at your earliest convenience.

As far as lasik eye surgery is concerned, the medical options for patients opting for better vision continues to grow beyond the usual surgery procedures of vision repair. One of the latest being a highly advanced technology called "Bladeless Lasik" or all-laser lasik which utilizes a procedure called FS technology. It only takes about 10 minutes and, for the most part, is virtually painless. However the best part is that "Bladeless Lasik" offer many patients a potential for 20-20 or better vision along with all the safety measures that are required for this type of procedure.

Many medical methods involve $200 dollar words that may be hard to comprehend. The professionals at Azusa CA Opthamologist understand your conundrum and will take the time to discuss and explain everything in plain English. Your eyes deserve the best treatment; they deserve an Azusa CA Opthamologist

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