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Locations in Glendora, Duarte, and West Covina

Locations in Glendora, Duarte, and West Covina

The Luckiest Eye Doctor In Glendora

I was thinking about how lucky I am to be where I am today. I have a great career, a wonderful family and I live (and work) in a great city. Sometimes I just consider myself an “eye doctor in Glendora” but I know there is so much more than that.

I became an ophthalmologist years ago and have built a pretty successful practice here in Glendora. The people are great and my patients continue to refer me to their family and friends so I must be doing something right.

I honestly think I am making people’s lives better. By providing them Lasik and CK (Conductive keratoplasty) surgery I am giving them better vision. As someone who has worn glasses I know what a pain they can be. All my patients experience a level of freedom that they didn’t even know existed before their Lasik surgery.

And I have some terrific patients. Glendora is a great city with amazing people. It has that small town feel and sense of community that so many other cities lack. I continually run into my patients as I go about town. It really makes me feel like I’m a part of the community.

If I want, I can take nice walk in the foothills and really clear my mind. And it’s pretty good exercise. Plus the views are incredible. Or if I want to get frustrated I can go play 18 holes at the local golf course.

Shopping in The Village is a favorite pastime. There are lots of unique shops and some great restaurants, too in and around Glendora.

Staying on top of the latest trends in eye surgery is very demanding, of course, and one of the great things about Glendora is that it is close to the beach and close to the mountains. In the Summer you can go to the beach and in the Winter it’s not too long a drive to hit the slopes and go skiing.

To some I may just be an “eye doctor in Glendora” but given that I get to perform Lasik and CK surgery in Glendora, I feel that I am the luckiest man on earth.


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